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Best Escort photography in London by highly experienced team of glamour photographer, make up & hair stylists, and magazine photo retouchers.

“Hi girls,

finally there! I rarely vouch for somebody but now is that moment. I wish I would met Pete and his lovely team years ago … for all that time I got my shoots starting with cheap so called glamour photographers who obviously enjoyed my boobs but the photos were garbage, then I was recommended to one and shortly after to another Russian girls glamour photographers where I had to wait for a month, paid 2K total which is crazy and I was treated like “next on the line”. I ended up with 8 photos from each and they looked like any other girl from the agency sites – same poses, same interior, everything look a like … with all that barby-look photos I got calls from lonely old men only – so boring! Pete and the makeover team made me look really sexy and their photos were the most profitable so far. Highly recommend! Don’t waste your time with students, TFPs, and over priced escort photographers.

Giny (from the escort forum)

Book your escort glamour photo session today with one of the most experienced London escort glamour photographers. You’ll be guided and directed to achieve the best results for better sales. Book a friend and get 10% off.

Now we offer glamour cinematic video too, Hollywood like short 5 minute movie that can blow every men’s fantasy.

Here you will see examples from different clients and escort agencies, having different shooting and retouching requirements: realistic look, dominant, school girl, lady mistress, etc. More info regarding your escort photo session read bellow.

Why Escort MakeOver?

We have huge experience internationally and our clients come from many parts of the world. We know how to make up, pose, shoot and retouch properly to make your photos work for you. Your clients are men and we know what men like.  We can make you look like innocent school girl with barbie smooth skin, or a stylish high-end woman with fussy attitude. We shoot according to your target client or agency taste and requirements.

Our Escort glamour photo sessions take place in different locations and very rarely in photo studio to avoid patterns and boring studio backgrounds. It can be your own house, a hotel room or apartment, or we can find and hire for you some really high-end looking place with magnificent design and architecture. The photo shoot lasts up to 3 hours but if you have many props and lingerie, and want to change make up and hair, it can last a whole day or night. Please take a look at the prices page to see the options.

There’re many shops in London and online selling Glamour props, clothes and lingerie, so bare in mind, don’t book your photo shoot at the last moment. Buy, try or hire the props that make you happy and feel comfortable with.

The only person allowed at the photo shoot is the make up artist. No photo assistants, no extra photographers, and no friends, agents or partners. For the Glamour videos two videographers will be present, plus a make up artist.

Photos are usually done on the very next day.

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