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About escort photography and things to consider when hire escort photographer

Many photographers and escort girls will visit this page and I’ll give a short ifno for each of you.

Glamour escort photographer videographer

Best glamour & escort photographer in London, Лучший гламур & эскорт фотограф в Лондоне – Юлия – Алекс – Илона:

London Glamour Escort photographer Julia – Alex – Ylona

Girls, if you’re new in that business and you’re looking for an escort photographer here some tips for you.

  1. Go to a male escort photographer. There are some good female escort photographers out there that can make you look beautiful but not desirable, and isn’t that exactly what you need?
  2. The most important thing is, escort photos don’t have to be the best aesthetic, glamour Playboy photos, they have their own specific because they have one and only purpose. They must sell you! In your photo page we’ve put some black and white, sepia, etc. examples that look nice (just to capture attention) but they won’t bring you money. We have huge experience and know what photos work and what don’t.
  3. Never go for cheap and unexperienced photographers unless you want to experiment, you have plenty of time and money. Don’t ask “why my phone doesn’t ring?” if you go that direction.
  4. For that genre there’re are about 5 good photographers in the big cities like New York, London, Moscow, LA, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. and you should make an effort and try to find them. All the rest are either students or perverts.
  5. Ask your photographers if they know the format and how often they shoot for escort.
  6. Avoid conveyer escort photographers. If an escort photographer is pre booked weeks or months in advance then you risk your photos to look like everybody else and you become as competitive as others.
  7. If you want to make money you should invest money too.


Escort photography is the most difficult sub genre of the glamour photography and reasons are many.

  1. Nobody teaches you how to shoot it at school.
  2. Not so many girls are ready to grant you the experience needed.
  3. This is photography that sales and if you don’t know the subject you can’t shoot it right. The subject is always an individual and every one is unique and unrepeatable so, if you want to shoot in stress free environment better shoot children and portraits.
  4. If you want to see boobs and get payed better rent a movie, those girls have enough difficulties in life to lose their time with experiments.

So, to the point. You need a professional escort photographer, right? Why us?

  1. 8 years of unbeatable experience started in the busiest Moscow escort photography studios and now shooting internationally all over the world.
  2. More than 2000 photo sessions.
  3. Publications in Penthouse and other magazines.
  4. Knowledge and experience to shoot different female bodies.
  5. Few languages including English, Russian, Spanish.
  6. We know how important the team work is.
  7. In most of the cases we know better than you what you need.

What to expect from your VIP escort photographer?

  1. You’ll be shot by top 5 escort photographer in London.
  2. Individual friendly approach with no judgements.
  3. Free directing and posing, we know that you’re not a catwalk model and we’ll help you out with posing.
  4. Finding a good location for your photo shoot.
  5. Providing only experienced make up & hair professionals.
  6. Working with magazine retouchers.
  7. We try to show your best features and individuality and avoid posing and set up patterns.
  8. You receive at least 7 perfectly retouched photos (and a CD with up to 50 more photos on demand).